Skate & Raid

Raid Skateboards is a brand with a purpose. We believe in the transformative
power of skateboarding and want to bring it to those who need it most.
Our mission is to spread the idea of skate therapy to veterans, first
responders and active duty military, offering them an outlet to heal,
bond and cope with the challenges of demanding life through the power of

In addition to our mission, we also provide
high-quality skateboards and apparel that are designed with the needs of
skateboarders in mind. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced
skater, you can count on Raid Skateboards to deliver a top-notch product
that will help you take your skills to the next level.

So, join
us in our mission to spread the love of skateboarding and help our
military community find peace and healing through this amazing sport.

Skate & Raid
Skate & Raid
After not skating for year, I found you guys recently. I just got out of the Army and rediscovered skateboarding. Your mission statement really struck a corde with me and I will forever be a customer.
— Chris L.
Starting off my collection
Skate & Raid
Skate and Raid. You guys are awesome. The collection grows and I will be back for more.
— Steven M.
New gun collection
Skate & Raid
A Veteran owned and operated skateboard company that really care about its customers. The customer service is as rad and the deck designs they put out. Keep it up!!!
— J. P.
All the homies skate Raid
Skate & Raid
Great ambassadors to a culture and tribe that will never fade away.
— Mark E.
Skate & Raid
They have the dopest Decks and I dont even skate...Wall art!
— Jud C.
Skate & Raid
Solid crew doin solid work!!!!!
— Lee M.
Raid Team 1 Skate Team for Raid Skateboards these guys thrash the streets and the park